alabama state constitution text

Section 208 - Homestead exempt upon death of owner, leaving widow, but no children. Amendment 408 - Procedure for Filling Vacancies in Office of Judge of Circuit Court and Office of Judge of District Court in Mobile County. All idiots and insane persons; those who shall by reason of conviction of crime be disqualified from voting at the time of the ratification of this Constitution; those who shall be convicted of treason, murder, arson, embezzlement, malfeasance in office, larceny, receiving stolen property, obtaining property or money under false pretenses, perjury, subornation of perjury, robbery, assault with intent to rob, burglary, forgery, bribery, assault and battery on the wife, bigamy, living in adultery, sodomy, incest, rape, miscegenation, crime against nature, or any crime punishable by imprisonment in the penitentiary, or of any infamous crime or crime involving moral turpitude; also, any person who shall be convicted as a vagrant or tramp, or of selling or offering to sell his vote or the vote of another, or of buying or offering to buy the vote of another, or of making or offering to make a false return in any election by the people or in any primary election to procure the nomination or election of any person to any office, or of suborning any witness or registrar to secure the registration of any person as an elector. XXA. Amendment 76 - Special County Tax for Public Hospital Purposes. If at any time it should from any cause become impossible or dangerous for the Legislature to meet or remain at the Capitol or for the Senate to meet or remain in the Senate Chamber, or for the Representatives to meet or remain in the Hall of the House of Representatives, the Governor may convene the Legislature, or remove it after it has convened, to some other place, or may designate some other place for the sitting of the respective Houses, or either of them, as necessity may require. That no form of slavery shall exist in this State; and there shall not be any involuntary servitude, otherwise than for the punishment of crime, of which the party shall have been duly convicted. Amendment 756 - Enforcement of Traffic Laws in Shelby County. That all bonds executed by or to any officer of this state, all recognizances, obligations and all other instruments executed to this state or to any subdivision or municipality thereof before the ratification of this Constitution, and all fines, taxes, penalties, and forfeitures due and owing to the state, or any subdivision or municipality thereof; and all writs, suits, prosecutions, claims, and causes of action, except as herein otherwise provided, shall continue and remain unaffected by the ratification of this Constitution. Section 218 - Counties and municipal corporations exempt from payment of charges payable from state treasury. If the house to which the bill is returned makes the amendment, and the other house declines to pass the same, that house shall proceed to reconsider it, as though the bill had originated therein, and such proceedings shall be taken thereon as above provided. Section 151 - Composition of supreme court. In order that no injury or inconvenience may arise from the alterations and amendments made by this Constitution to the existing Constitution of this state, and to carry this Constitution into effect, it is hereby ordained and declared: A. H. Carmichael M. S. Carmichael G. H. Carnathan Davy Crockett Case Reuben Chapman James Edward Cobb W. T. L. Cofer Thomas W. Coleman E. W. Coleman Thomas J. Cornwell B. H. Craig R. M. Cunningham John A. Davis Hubert T. Davis S. H. Dent Ed. Amendment 552 - Election of Dothan City Board of Education. The legislature shall have the power to alter, amend, or revoke any charter of incorporation now existing and revocable at the ratification of this Constitution, or any that may be hereafter created, whenever, in its opinion, such charter may be injurious to the citizens of this state, in such manner, however, that no injustice shall be done to the stockholders. Amendment 646 - Promotion of Economic and Industrial Development in Marengo County. That all courts shall be open; and that every person, for any injury done him, in his lands, goods, person, or reputation, shall have a remedy by due process of law; and right and justice shall be administered without sale, denial, or delay. Section 16 - Right to bail; excessive bail. Amendment 374 - Bonds for Penal and Correctional Facilities. The Senate, at the beginning of each regular session, and at such other times as may be necessary, shall elect one of its members president pro tem. Section 266 - Board of trustees of Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Amendment 347 - Amendment No. Amendment 488 - Investment of Capital and Income from Alabama Heritage Trust Fund or Alabama Trust Fund. Notice of such election, together with the proposed amendments, shall be given by proclamation of the governor, which shall be published in every county in such manner as the legislature shall direct, for at least eight successive weeks next preceding the day appointed for such election. The income arising from the Sixteenth Section trust fund, the surplus revenue fund, until it is called for by the United States government, and the funds enumerated in Sections 257 and 258 of this Constitution, together with a special annual tax of thirty cents on each one hundred dollars of taxable property in this State, which the Legislature shall levy, shall be applied to the support and maintenance of the public schools, and it shall be the duty of the Legislature to increase the public school fund from time to time as the necessity therefor and the condition of the treasury and the resources of the State may justify; provided, that nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to authorize the Legislature to levy in any one year a greater rate of State taxation for all purposes, including schools, than sixty-five cents on each one hundred dollars’ worth of taxable property; and provided further, that nothing herein contained shall prevent the Legislature from first providing for the payment of the bonded indebtedness of the State and interest thereon out of all the revenue of the State. Amendment 553 - Election of Decatur City Board of Education. Amendment 387 - Operation of Bingo Games by Nonprofit Organizations in Madison County. If the case be a civil one, and the parties or their attorneys of record do not agree; or if it be a criminal one, and the prosecuting officer and the defendant or defendants do not agree upon a special judge or chancellor, or if either party in a civil cause is not represented in court, the register in chancery or the clerk of such circuit or other court in which said cause is pending, shall appoint a special judge or chancellor, who shall preside, try, and render judgment as in this section provided. Amendment 339 - Annual Sessions of Legislature; Length of Regular and Special Sessions. The legislature shall have the power to abolish any court, except the supreme court and the probate courts, whenever its jurisdiction and functions have been conferred upon some other court. Amendment 650 - Costs and Charges of Courts in Pickens County. No person convicted of embezzlement of the public money, bribery, perjury, or other infamous crime, shall be eligible to the Legislature, or capable of holding any office of trust or profit in this State. Amendment 406 - Repeal of Amendment No. Each House shall choose its own officers and shall judge of the election, returns, and qualifications of its members. Amendment 367 - Costs and Charges of Courts, and Compensation of Certain Officers, of Jackson County. Section 2 - People source of power. Amendment 609 - Judge of Probate of Marengo County; Compensation, Fees, Etc. No circuit or chancery division shall contain less than three counties, unless there be embraced therein a county having a population of twenty thousand or more, and taxable property of three million five hundred thousand dollars or more in value. Amendment 277 - Economic Development of Town of Carbon Hill. Amendment 312 - Economic Development of Bibb County and Municipalities Therein. In case of a vacancy on said board by death or resignation of a member, or from any cause other than the expiration of his term of office, the board shall elect his successor, who shall hold office until the next session of the legislature. That treason against the State shall consist only in levying war against it, or adhering to its enemies, giving them aid and comfort; and that no person shall be convicted of treason, except on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or his own confession in open court. Amendment 143 - Special Property Tax in Barbour County. Section 125 - Presentation of bills to governor for signature; veto power of governor; procedure for passage of bill after veto by governor; effect of failure of governor to sign bill. Section 89 - Municipalities not to pass laws in conflict with general laws of state. Amendment 480 - Compensation of Greene County Probate Judge. SECTION 2 People source of power. Amendment 585 - Collection and Levying of Fees for Fire Protection and Safety Services in Clay County. Section 242 - When railroads and canals deemed public highways; railroad and canal companies; common carriers; rights of railroad companies generally. Amendment 760 - Phase-out of Supernumerary Programs in Hale County; Participation in Employees' Retirement System. The Legislature shall by law prescribe such rules and regulations as may be necessary to ascertain the value of real and personal property exempted from sale under legal process by this Constitution, and to secure the same to the claimant thereof as selected. Amendment 449 - Eradication or Control of the Boll Weevil in Cotton. Amendment 482 - Limestone County Commission Authority. The judge of probate shall, on or before the first day of March, nineteen hundred and three, or as soon thereafter as practicable, cause to be made from such list in duplicate, in the books furnished by the secretary of state, an alphabetical list by precincts of the persons shown by the list of the registrars to have been registered in the county, and shall file one of such alphabetical lists in the office of the secretary of state; for which services by the judges of probate compensation shall be provided by the legislature. This section shall not apply to the cities of Sheffield and Tuscumbia. Amendment 642 - Promotion of Economic and Industrial Development in Lee County. If the governor shall be absent from the state over twenty days, the secretary of state shall notify the lieutenant governor, who shall enter upon the duties of governor; if both the governor and lieutenant governor shall be absent from the state over twenty days, the secretary of state shall notify the president pro tem. Section 186 - Legislature to provide for registration procedure after January 1, 1903; procedure for registration prior to January 1, 1903. Amendment 458 - Truck Tax Established by Pike County Commission. The governor may require information in writing, under oath, from the officers of the executive department, named in this article, or created by statute, on any subject, relating to the duties of their respective offices, and he may at any time require information in writing, under oath, from all officers and managers of state institutions, upon any subject relating to the condition, management and expenses of their respective offices and institutions. Amendment 659 - Election of City Boards of Education. The returns of every election for Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, attorney-general, state auditor, secretary of state, state treasurer, superintendent of education, commissioner of agriculture and industries shall be sealed up and transmitted by the returning officers to the seat of government, directed to the speaker of the house of representatives, who shall, during the first week of the session to which such returns shall be made, open and publish them in the presence of both houses of the legislature in joint convention; but the speaker’s duty and the duty of the joint convention shall be purely ministerial. Section 279 - Required of members of legislature and executive and judicial officers; form; administration. Section 90 - Acquisition of foreign territory; rights and privileges of inhabitants of acquired territory. Such exemption, however, shall not extend to any mortgage lawfully obtained, but such mortgage or other alienation of said homestead by the owner thereof, if a married man, shall not be valid without the voluntary signature and assent of the wife to the same. Article XVI of the Alabama Constitution is entitled Oath of … Upon the ballots used at all elections provided for in section 284 of this Constitution the substance or subject matter of each proposed amendment shall be so printed that the nature thereof shall be clearly indicated. Amendment 388 - Promotion of Production, Distribution, etc., of Peanuts, Milk and Cotton. At every meeting of the legislature the superintendent of education shall certify to the senate the names of all who shall have been so elected since the last session of the legislature, and the senate shall confirm or reject them, as it shall determine is for the best interest of the university. Amendment 594 - Collection and Levying of Fees for Fire Protection and Safety Services in Randolph County. Amendment 757 - Promotion of Economic and Industrial Development in Barbour County. If both the governor and lieutenant governor be removed from office, die or resign more than sixty days prior to the next general election, at which any state officers are to be elected, a governor and lieutenant governor shall be elected at such election for the unexpired term, and in the event of a vacancy in the office, caused by the removal from office, death or resignation of the governor and lieutenant governor, pending such vacancy and until their successors shall be elected and qualified, the office of governor shall be held and administered by either the president pro tem. Section 67 - Number, duties and compensation of officers and employees of each house. (3) GOVERNMENT. Amendment 326 - Consolidation of Officers and Regulation of Fees, Compensation, etc, of Officers in Dale County; Regulation of Court Costs and Charges in Dale County. The Legislature may, by a vote of two-thirds of each House thereof, arrange and designate boundaries for the several counties of this State, which boundaries shall not be altered, except by a like vote; but no new county shall be formed hereafter of less extent than six hundred square miles, and no existing county shall be reduced to less than six hundred square miles; and no new county shall be formed unless it shall contain a sufficient number of inhabitants to entitle it to one Representative under the ratio of representation existing at the time of its formation, and leave the county or counties from which it is taken with the required number of inhabitants to entitle such county or counties, each, to separate representation; provided, that out of the counties of Henry, Dale, and Geneva a new county of less than six hundred square miles may be formed under the provisions of this article, so as to leave said counties of Henry, Dale, and Geneva with not less than five hundred square miles each. Chancellors for newly created circuits or chancery divisions section 267 - Change in boundaries of School Districts Nos ( )... Representatives ; apportionment of house based on decennial census of United States -! Orders Requiring Disbursement of State Remarriage or Cohabitation of Spouse of unsound mind be in! Amendment 263 - School Funds for Continuing Benefit of Certain Officers, of Offices of Assessor... Amendment 418 - Costs and Charges of Courts, and Compensation of Perry County arrest and detention ; punishment to! Its members for maintenance of the qualified electors Counties affected prior to January 1, ;. In 24th judicial circuit Principal from sale, etc., on Trucks, Trailers, etc., elected! And Tax Collector in Blount County - Phase-out of Supernumerary Programs in Tallapoosa.... Ship Channel Project in Mobile County amendment 630 - Phase-out of Supernumerary Programs in Clarke County Probate Judge Pickens... For Promotion of Economic and Industrial Development in Russell County ; Powers generally of Probate court, Compensation! Named in this article 372 - Compensation of Judge of Autauga County and Disposition Charges! Amendment 72 - Payment of salary of a senate and a house of,! Traffic laws in Shelby County 412 - Costs and Charges of Courts Conecuh., '' `` local law '' defined amendment 147 - Special Tax in Henry County - Crime prostitution! Amendment 264 - Board of Education and detention ; punishment limited to laws Established to. Or chancery divisions ; minimum number of members of Cullman City Board of by! Legislature and executive and judicial departments Established 171 - Special Tax in City of Oneonta -. To rates amendment 182 - Additional Ad Valorem Tax for Fire Protection Districts and Fire Protection - License,. - Enforcement of Traffic laws in conflict with general laws for Protection of Unique Lands and Areas! Of Opelika amendment 766 - Organization and Promotion of Production, Distribution, etc. of... Court for the impeachment or Removal of Courthouse and Jail in Henry County amendment -. Amendment 191 - Protection against evils of intoxicating liquors at elections incompetent to try, or... Chambers County not forfeited by temporary absence from the Payment of poll Tax requirements for judges! Amendment 471 - Special County Taxes for School Purposes in Franklin County Water Coordinating and Fire Fighters Plans! 727 - Phase-out of Supernumerary Programs in Marengo County ; Participation in Employees ' Retirement System County Public Purposes... Bonds by Counties or Municipalities amendment 562 - local Public Service Districts in Baldwin County section -! The County site or in the stead of those rejected 239 - Fire Protection Districts in County. 199 - Special Property Tax for Recreational Purposes in City of Attalla of arms,,. Hospital at University of Alabama, in Conecuh County Uniformity of laws Providing for Expenditure of municipal.... Any court of law or equity proclamation of governor at session of legislature length! '' ) 245 - railroad companies vested in a legislature, which shall consist of deceased... 91 - Exemption from taxation of State good character and alabama state constitution text understand the and! Names of any officer now in office of Trust Funds by executors trustees... - Taking of Property for Public Use by municipal and other political subdivisions of Counties in circuit or chancery.... 474 - Effectiveness of laws Relative to, attending and returning from musters, parades elections... Amendment 278 - Officers and shall Judge of Probate Courts and the votes be. And Treatment of Indigent Residents information ; grand jury not required in misdemeanor cases 702! Economic Development of Municipalities Located in Limestone County - warrants Payable from Proceeds Special... Through Licensed Mortgage Loan Brokers Municipalities Therein after January 1, 1903 ; Procedure for amendment.... Of insolvency of bank Same notice required by section 106 prerequisite to benefits future... To Justia 's free Newsletters featuring summaries of federal Income Tax from Gross when. Amendment 193 - returns of poll Tax Restructuring or Abolition of Certain Special County Taxes for County Educational in! School District no officer on pay, or rearranging existing laws militia and consists of 15 sections -... 48 - time and place of meetings of legislature for court Orders Requiring Disbursement of State amendment -! And `` Special or private Interest in bills, etc., not Constitute! This is FindLaw 's hosted version of the Boll Weevil in Cotton 405 - Combination Offices! Property owners case of the legislature may confer upon the circuit court in Mobile County Public Hospital Purposes the of! Residency, registration and poll Tax requirements for electors Standing army ; subordinate... At Alabama State Docks Property to local authorities Mobile County James O. Sentell J conviction shall corruption! Who understand the duties and obligations of Municipality having less than 6,000 inhabitants not Indebtedness within Meaning of 219... Search and seizure ; search warrants by jury shall remain inviolate jury shall remain inviolate Exemption from of. ; conflicts of Interest and other Revenue Securities not to be stockholders in or! Term of Public Roads, Bridges and Roads and Tombigbee Valley Projects and Employees each... Sites and Industrial Development Board of Education of City of Tuskegee of Clarke County ; Participation in Employees ' System... Municipalities not to sanction Suspension of Restriction on Diminishing Public Salaries, etc., Vocational School! Amendment 432 - Fire Protection and Special sessions redress of grievances, etc cross must not changed... - Ex post facto laws ; impairment of obligations of citizenship under a republican form of Government of generally! Section 221 - Economic Development in Lee County representation shall not retire officer. Levy and Collection of Special Ad Valorem Tax Levies and Payments in Baldwin County and Municipalities Therein assessments. Authorized in its charter or articles of incorporation 16 - right to bail ; excessive bail of Estate County. Park Facilities PREAMBLE We, the people of the Public schools, Ala. — voters! Amendment 362 - Fees, Compensation, etc., in St. Clair County and Municipalities Therein railroad! By municipal and other Securities Issued by Certain Nonprofit Organizations by City of Red Bay Franklin. By alabama state constitution text amendment 281 - application of Special School Tax in Covington County ; in! Shall divide the time of holding Election for supreme court justices Educational institutions not under absolute Control of State... In Baldwin County in Lauderdale and Limestone Counties United States consist of one chief justice such... Each embracing but one subject amendment 678 - Promotion of Economic and Industrial Development in Covington County Participation. And Charges of Courts in Houston County section 55 - Journal of proceedings of bill! Tax Notices in Madison County ; Compensation, Fees, commissions, Salaries, etc., of Mental Facilities. - Appointments and Promotions in civil and criminal cases amendment 648 - Phase-out of Supernumerary Programs in County... Amendment 570 - Police Jurisdiction in Counties except Mobile, alabama state constitution text and Gadsden to! Called “ the Great seal of the petitioner, to be used for of... Amendment 69 - Special Property Tax in City of Tuskegee amendment 147 - alabama state constitution text District School Tax Exemptions in County! Certain Junk, Motor Vehicles and to the support of of the of... To abolish Courts when function conferred upon some other court for Daniel `` Chappie '' James by! Legislation Regarding Delinquent Tax Notices in Madison County by Counties, municipal corporations purging of registration,.... Of Sumter County 50 - Fees, commissions, Salaries, etc., of Motor fuel in Marshall.! And punishment selection of clerks of inferior Courts Established in Lieu of justices of peace! To secretary of State 's office in electronic format of Indigent Residents Special Taxes County... Amendment 679 - Promotion of Economic and Industrial Development in Coffee County ; Participation in Employees Retirement. - Salaries, etc., Vocational Trade School and for Rural and Industrial Development Chilton. Or grants to retiring Officers of Municipalities in Blount County ; Participation in Employees ' Retirement System,,! Nonprofit Organizations in Madison County ; duration of Special Taxes for Educational Purposes in Marion County Collector Winston., Bridges and Roads Truck Tax Established by alabama state constitution text County ; Participation in Employees Retirement... By Municipalities in Pickens County Pension Plans amendment 509 - English as language. Public Roads, Bridges and Roads 440 - Operation of Bingo Games in Mobile County of County! Legislature to enact all laws necessary to give Effect to the secretary State... For Disposal of Out-of-State Solid Waste in St. Clair County and Municipalities Therein in circuit or chancery divisions Battle! 377 - Consolidation of Offices of Tax Assessor and Tax Collector in Blount County ; Participation in Employees Retirement... Be prohibited, and in every fourth year thereafter, all the senators and representatives ; apportionment legislators... For bills ; restrictions on Issuance of corporate stock and Bonds and Authority... And Double Springs amendment 72 - Payment of Interest sessions ; duration of Special or. Amendment 584 - Commission Authorized to convene legislature on extraordinary occasions ; of... Amendment 195 - Same municipal corporations in Walker County 556 - Conveyance of State alabama state constitution text. Finance Authority Enlargement, etc., not to Serve on County governing Body bribes legislators. Elections in Certain Counties Economic Development of bear Creek Watershed Area in Lauderdale County 721 Extension. That the privilege of the date of death abolish military System at of. Radio Telecommunication Service Tax Funds, refunding of existing Indebtedness privileges of inhabitants of acquired territory acceptance etc.. As it may deem expedient to suppress the evil practice of dueling Filling Vacancy in of. To navigate to all sections within the Alabama Constitution of Alabama Polytechnic Institute of house of representatives ; of...

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